Working at Universities

Hi everyone! I am going to apply for jobs at the university my fiance was just accepted into as a student. Does anyone have experience applying for and/or working for universities that would not mind sharing some general tips?

@melinda.longtin I’ve been applying to one of the universities that’s here in my hometown, unfortunately I haven’t been hired, YET! However I have a few close friends that work for the university and they offer excellent benefits, especially their retirement/401k, which they match up to 15%. Congratulations & good luck in your new job.


I have not had any experience nor am I acquainted with anyone who works in a university.

With your experience, I am sure you would do well in such a role and I wish you the best as you apply!

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@kiki48910 @moore.income Thank you for your encouragement and input.

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I worked at a university library years ago, and my ex continues to teach as a adjunct at several local colleges and the university. I don’t have any tips to offer, but I will say that I am available to answer any specific questions you may have!