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Hello my names Brandon and I live in Oklahoma. Deep in the woods. Need all kinds of help. Hope this is the place for that. Thanks

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Welcome, Brandon! Many of us are in the same boat, or have been in the past. Let us know what you need some help with and hopefully we can steer you in the right direction.

Hi Brandon! Welcome to this community. What kind of help are you looking for at first? I think someone here can help guide you in the right direction, just ask. Glad you showed up!

Brandon, welcome to the community! If you are looking for financial tips, advice and more, you have come to the right place. Look forward to seeing you around!

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welcome Brandon this is a great community of people who always help each other

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Welcome, Brandon. You will find great resources from the site and from the members.

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Welcome, Brandon. Don’t worry. Everyone could use some help at one point or other.

Thought I had a good handle on things these last several months and one complication from a dental visit is just destroying my peace. We’re all a work in progress with our finances. Good luck to you.