Part time gig

For the handy men or women out there, real estate companies some times need there signs put up or taken down, or properties mowed and other projects done .While this can be only on occasion with little heads up, it is perfect for extra income because it is a gig of a sort. Pay can be double or more than general wages plus mileage. Items needed are a truck, tools such as shovels to dig post holes for big signs and cordless drivers and ladders for putting up banners on buildings.An extra person to help on some projects is needed. Call the number on the real estate agent sign and ask questions whether they need someone or not, you never know until you try.


JOEL this is a good idea

Oh, great idea, thanks!

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Great idea for some extra work! It is definitely something not many people are doing so it could be the perfect opportunity for someone who had a little bit of drive and a desire to earn some extra cash!

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I’m retired real estate broker, and believe me when I say we depended a lot on someone able to put up and take down signs. And our sellers were always asking us for names of repair people, lawn maintenance, even just someone to help them move items or hauling off junk they were purging before listing a home or moving out.

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