Various jobs

I cleaned houses for some elderly neighbors, I cleaned a thrift shop on weekends when they were closed and got to buy things at a discount. I do surveys and get paid in amazon cash and other gift cards. I replaced a termite infested wall of my garage with Lowes and Home Depot gift cards from doing surveys. My job is slow so I get to do most of my surveys at work, my boss isn’t busy either so he doesn’t mind as long as I do my job. LOL

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Can you share what surveys you do ?

Thanks for sharing @Chrissy Goff. I do surveys as well as focus groups. As a matter of fact, September was the second highest earning month I’ve had with focus groups so far. My husband and I are planning a little getaway later this month using survey and focus group earnings.

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Thanks for sharing all the hustles you done on the side @chrissy.goff!

Personally, I just do the following on the side, along with my main 9-5:

  1. Run an e-commerce store selling baby goods.

  2. Write a blog about personal finance.

  3. Coding up a software-as-a-service with a friend to hopefully sell subscription services for it.

  4. Maintain a bot I wrote that’ll execute arbitrages in the crypto marketplace.

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thanks for sharing have a nice day

I hope you have a better one. Take care.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Nice ideas, Chrissy. Might I suggest you can also have a NextDoor app. I created a few weeks back and saw people there making posts that they need somone to do a few errands for them.

Another interesting side hustle is to rent out stuff you already own like a canopy or camera. People need these things and don’t want to buy. You can earn passively as you continue other jobs. I personally rent out a canopy and I earn on the side. I have a day job by the way.

That is cool. I used my monies to replace a termite infested wall in the garage. Love Home Depot and Lowes gift cards. I use the amazon to get gifts and paper products.

minefield online surveys, Thrifty Pig, lifepoints, survey junkie, Toluna and Springfield are some that I do surveys on. Other surveys come from communities that I am asked to join by the survey clubs or something. You have to be asked to join some of them

Thank you for the suggestions.