Pi Day Deals You Don't Have to be a Math Nerd to Enjoy

Pi Day Deals

If you remember math class, pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, expressed as the number 3.14.

Well today – March 14 (3/14) – is National Pi Day. And for whatever reason many businesses have embraced this fun “holiday” to run special promotions that can save you some money on things like (not surprisingly) pizza and pies.

The Penny Hoarder has a rundown of several national chains running special promos, including offers like build-your-own pizzas or a slice of pie for just $3.14.

I already have plans to have dinner at a local spot offering $3.14 pizzas. I can definitely get behind numbers like that, even though I was a B-average student at best in math class!

Are you taking advantage of any Pi Day deals?


wow never heard of this thanks for sharing

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Cool. I didn’t get to take advantage of any Pi specials this year. After fractions in school, I was lost to math. Then, came adulthood and taking care of my financial life. That brought the fun back for me.

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