Plasma donation

Saves live and depending on where you go there is compensation for your time.

Where do you find out if this is in your area?


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Google plasma centers that pay in your area

I’d like to know if anyone else has more to share regarding experiences with plasma donations?

I donated frequently during college. I think I got $40 each time we donated. It took some time, an hour or two, if I remember correctly. I had some nice track marks for a few years afterwards.

Thanks, Jacob. I donated years and years ago.:) Just wondering if things have changed much. Thinking about trying it again for supplemental income.

I donated several years ago when I was making a good income. It helped me, but I was terrible at saving, so I’m not sure how much. I still have scars from my donations and even though we’re not rich now I wouldn’t do it again. That and I take meds and I don’t want them titrating out of my body.