Plastic straws are destroying our planet

I recently read that the amount of plastic straws is the size of a large state. They are pooling in waters and destroying fish, plants, soil, etc… Do you think plastic straws should be banned?? I say yes.

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i so agree with you, i have been to a eat in, where they served paper straws it was nice to see

I am looking into buying stainless steel folding straws that I can carry with me when I go out.

Yes! We really should ban any one-time use plastic. We need to take better care of our planet.

People have become used to the “mouth feel” of plastic straws and generally accept the alternatives as for the good of the planet. Personally I prefer no straw when at home or in a restaurant, but a straw is needed when in a vehicle because of spillage-the typical “to go cup”. For that a spill proof container or 1 with the straw/spout in it already would be the best choice.