Real penny hoarder

Just a little something to make you laugh. True story. When we were stationed in Germany my girlfriends father hoarded pennies in an old wooden green army chest. When he got orders to go back to the states he used a wagon to haul it across the street to the bank and changed them all into cash so he could take them back to the states as the army wouldn’t ship them for him (they would ship the chest though). My girlfriend told me that when he got back to the states he changed it all back into pennies. Bet that bank loved him that day.


Wow - while I get keeping the pennies in the first place for nostalgic reason, I’m not sure why they would convert the cash back to pennies. It wouldn’t have the same pennies as he’d had before.

Quite the interesting collection!

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that was a really cute story made me smile, thanks we all need a smile now and then


It was a real story. I have so many from being stationed in Germany from 72-96. Learned how to recycle because of being raised in Germany where they recycle 96% of their trash. LOL

I never understood him either. He wasn’t a nice man. My girlfriend said he made the girls clean the floor once with a toothbrush because of something. They got divorced and the kids never ever saw him again and he lived in the same town. LOL I am still friends with her and she visits me sometimes.

With me and side gigs, like surveys for gift cards and cash How do you find a legitimate survey that when you get to the end you have to buy something first in order to get the cash

I have never had to buy anything. I was never asked to buy anything in a survey. If you answer the questions wrong the survey might end sooner though. Store brands do not pay survey companies to do surveys. You have to say you buy name brands etc.

There are a lot of legit survey companies out there. After you do them for a while you get offered more an more studies. I did one for a cereal brand once. They were inventing a gluten free one. I had to try a box every month that they mailed to me. Some were pretty bad an some were ok. I did that for 8 months. My boyfriend lived with me at the time an didn’t like some of them. He had me tell them if they changed it to this recipe he would never buy it again. Lol.