Coin Collecting Help

Hey fellow Penny Hoarders.

Coin collecting has been something I have been interested in for quite some time now but haven’t really known where to get started.

I have a few older coins that I have gathered over the years mostly from going through coins but nothing too fancy.

I am wondering if there are any serious coin collectors out there who could advise me where I could go to find coins to start a real collection.

I have seen coins on eBay and other marketplaces that claim to be unsorted old coins but I don’t see how they can say they are unsorted and yet promise you will at least get certain coins?

Any help with how to get started would be much appreciated!

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Hi @moore.income

I’ve been collecting coins for awhile. I just done
it because i new the coins was old or sliver or copper
even coins from the year i was born or a family member.

Well in 2017 our son got me a gallon size zip lock bag
filled with old colds and new coins. There is a 1943
sliver penny and some copper pennies not sure what
else is in there. But i’ve asked around about them not
many heard of the sliver penny. What i found out so far
is the copper is worth more than the sliver one.

I know that when the dollar coins came out they had
misprints on them like the sides was missing the words.
All so i found out some of the new state quarters my be
worth some thing because of double imprints on them.

I asked a ebay power seller that i’ve know for years
where i could get info on coins she gave me this
website it has a free trail. I hope I helped out some


Thanks for sharing this resource @bonnie.squires I will take a look into it!


The penny is not silver. It was produced during WW2 out of zinc, I think.

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Your welcome @moore.income I hope it helps


@friardave yes it is zinc over steel. not sure if that’s
the correct way to say it or not. But there are some
that are silver just like the cooper ones.

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I had no idea. Very cool.



@friardave yes it is very cool.
I’ll have to dig out my change
and go threw the bag again to
see what I’ve. We moved so things
are still packed.

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They were made during the war but they needed the copper should I change the conversation to stealIMG_20211104_193756