reinstating your tier

hello everyone

i started to restate my retirement from a tier 6 to a tier 4 it said i would have to wait 2 years, well i did it is now 2 years and i am invested, so they now put into my retirement .has any one ever did this?? to me it was worth it, i am 72 years young, lol and wanted to have something, it cost me to buy back in, i could pay weekly or one lump sum, i was able to pay one lump sub, and am thank full for that


I haven’t heard of that but if it is beneficial to you that’s great! Every little bit counts.

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Hi Kelly-FromKeene i did it, i am now vested in tier 4 and they add to my retirement and i pay nothing any more i am so excited thank you for your post


Agree with Kelly! It’s almost always worth opting in to your employer’s retirement plans!


that’s quite awesome. You’re doing really great.


thank you all for your support and kind words this community is so good to be a part of

I’ve not heard about retirement tiers before but sounds interesting.