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I am a public speaker and I recently (about a year ago) had this great idea. I would love to focus on “Retirement” presentations. Not the kind of presentation about your finances, social security/medicare or that sort of thing. There are more than enough financial advisers/books. My presentation would be about your goals, your manifesto, mission statement, starting a business traveling just to mention a few. I live a busy well educated city. I would love to explore possibilities of doing my presentation to groups. Thus paving the way to do this as an ongoing gig making some money to pay off debt before retirement and to continue it after retirement.

My question to you is, how do I go about attracting groups of people. I’ve thought of my local library as starters. I would not ask for money, I would start out doing a complimentary presentation thus using it as a platform for future presentations.

I am excited to hear your responses/suggestions. I thank you!

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Thank you for your willingness to share your learnings!

*A suggestion is checking with your local high schools and colleges to see if you can teach an Adult class in the evening.

*Choose a meaningful name for your class. An example would be “What’s Next?”

*Through this initiative, you will get a chance to perfect your teaching, while getting paid.

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Excellent suggestions, thanks Ernixx!

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People love freebies! If there is a way to offer something free that people consider to be of value, that should help.

great suggestion, that is my thought a complimentary presentation. thanks

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#TATA I cannot wait to hear what you decide to do. Remember to entice the senses!

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