Reuse and Repurpose

Bedspreads, sheets, and towels can be donated to shelters and vet offices. It doesn’t matter if they are stained or not. They also like diabetic supplies. My mother is always changing what she uses for her diabetic check and she donates the thing that pricks you and registers your blood sugar levels. Sorry I do not know the name but they do use the ones she donates for some reason.

My kids love making bowling pins out of the creamer bottles. They put sand in them and paint them and roll balls at them etc.


You are talking about a subject near and dear to my heart.

A place all about repurposing and recreating go to you have some interesting things to share on the subject. Also they pay you for your contributions. I invite you to take a look. Click onto the blue house icon at the top of their page and a world will open to you.

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This is nice! :heart:

Also, if you want to rent instead of buy (to skip buying full price and just a fraction of it), please do so! It’s eco-friendly, less stuff.

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When I have to use aluminum foil, I wash and reuse it. You can get dozens of reuses out of one sheet.When it gets too bad, only than does it get recycled.

I buy Yogi tea and it has a pretty pattern on the inside of the box. I turn it inside out and it makes a nice small desk caddie.

I clean and use metal coffee cans and other containers for homemade cookie gifts. You can either wrap the outside or paint/decorate it to hide the original use.

I look for ribbon or other decorative things that might come with a purchase and try to repurpose these when I have to wrap a new gift. (I’ve brought things and the salesperson ties a nice ribbon to close the handle. No need to throw it out).

Old toothbrushes are great for cleaning.

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Oh my gosh, @polarmoney. I find myself doing the same thing…saving aluminum foil pieces, which I got from my mother, who was raised during the Depression. I also save old toothbrushes to clean grime abound faucets, window wells, cooktop, bird bath. And I save old towels and sheets for animal shelters. I’m in good company on this forum?.

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i know this so well, my daughter is Animal Control in my toen, she is always looking for these items thank you for posting

How wonderful! I also donate sheets and towels to the animal shelter where I adopted my senior chihuahua. I save, wash and reuse foil and ziploc bags. I use old/cracked coffee mugs and tin cans to hold makeup brushes or pens. I’ve donated gently used gowns and clothes to an organization that provides for foster children (prom/homecoming). While in the middle of moving, I have piles of stuff and thinking where they can be helpful.

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We’ve been composting for about 2 years now. Cold composting takes forever, but it’s worth it IMO.

I like to use old socks as dusting cloths, torn/old shirts as patches, pants hangers from the store as boot hangers, & we always try to donate things we’re not using. Now that I have a desk to work at, I hope to add more to my list of repurposed things!

@redcatcec thanks so much for that website- I’ve already fallen into a rabbit hole. ?