I recently applied for a loan and along with the denial list as the credit bureaus that they used was one I had never heard of . It is SageStream. Has anyone else ever heard of them? I being the savvy consumer that I am looked them up online. I found them and they are legit. I filled out the form and received the report. I was very surprised at what was in there.I was very surprised at how low my score is considering that my credit score is very good.They use your phone number , the distance of my phone number and where I live, my limited history with this phone?? I have had the same number for 16 years. It also stated something silly about my SS #. It stated that when my number was issued and compared it with my peers?? Last time I looked I really had no control over that my parents did.

To say the least I was very dismayed at this new “score” and how they get to your number.

I just thought that I would put this out there. I am wondering has anyone else ever heard of this agency? Have you gotten your “report” . I do think that this does not paint the correct picture of me and my financial health.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve never heard of SageStream, but I’ll definitely look them up.

I’d never heard of SageStream so I did as you did, Mexpensive, and tho leary it was just another business capitalizing on convincing consumers to pay them to gather credit information that most people can gather themselves for free…but nope, it appears this is a new face to supplement the Big 3 bureaus. I found this at Clark Howard’s (consumer warrior) site

Exactly what the consumer nation needs, another loosely regulated, arrogant and non-compliant, private information gatherer collecting files with tons of erroneous and outdated financial figures on every one of us, who is in the business to profit from selling your history to lenders, insurance companies, banks, employers and anyone else who is deciding rather to do business with you. Sigh.


Wast it a car loan, by any chance, @mexpensive? From the Clark Howard link that @mintjulep supplied, it appears to be where he has received the most complaints. I have always trusted Clark Howard’s insights, and that reminds me to stay away from Ally Bank, who apparently uses this new adjunct company, as well as to ask a company what CRA they use before submitting an application.

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Not a car loan, I agree this is not what we consumers need know. I do not even think that you can correct what is wrong on my report. I agree with you mintjulep.