Sallie Mae Loans

Does anyone who has or has had these type of loans know whether or not they can be forgiven in any way? For instance by a company you work for or whomever? Thanks so much for the help.

Totally depends on the company… If you work as a teacher, or in certain fields, you can enroll in a debt forgiveness plan, but you have to be sure that you have the correct kind of loan. I THOUGHT that I did with Sallie Mae, but I did not. I refinanced and went through FedLoan and now I’m enrolled. 7 more years. Do your research on line, and be sure to talk with your loan company.

I worked in student financial assistance with defaulted student loans. Unfortunately student loans will be with you forever until it’s paid off. not to sound morbid but death is the only way student loans are written off. Contact your loan provider most of them will work with you. Interest is crazy if the loan goes in default so try not to let that happen. Teacher and Nurses can receive loan forgiveness however I believe they have to be in the line of work for a certain amount of time (that wasn’t my department so not 100% sure). I hope this helps because I’m better at verbally explaining this not typing.