School Loan Forgiveness

I went to college at the age of 40 to get my degree and I went part time so it took me longer than normal. I racked up alot of school debt and have been paying it off. I am now 65 and and retired. I checked into loan forgiveness but am not sure I would be eligible. I worked 37 years for the Federal Government. I only have a little over 9,000 left to pay but with other bills it is hard making ends meet. My loans are through Navient. Has anyone else gotten their loans forgiven?

I have not, but am in the process of the PSLF program.

I would not think you are eligible because you are not working now, however, it never hurts to check. However, income based payments should be very helpful to you. I would apply for that program. I think you should call and speak with someone and explain you situation and ask how they can help.

Congratulations on paying off the bulk of your loans! Its a big deal. School can be so very expensive.