Selling old dishes/china?

I just read this Penny Hoarder article on selling old dishes and china. From those I’ve talked to, having an old set of china lying around is more common than I realized. I have a couple hundred pieces of china my grandparents procured from postwar Germany. Even though it’s beautiful stuff, I’m all for finding a new home for it. But I can’t just give it away or donate it to a thrift store. So, it’s currently sitting boxed up in a storage unit after dragged it across the country during a move a few years ago.

Sadly, each piece in my set is white with a gold rim, so not microwave or dishwasher safe – i.e. a lot less valuable than, say, something with a flower pattern, according to the article.

My question is: What’s the best way to unload an old set of china? Should I sell the whole set or am I better selling it piece by piece? Have you used or eBay to sell antique dishes or is finding a local buyer the way to go?

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I also read that article and wanted to sell. Although my family doesn’t have fine China, we have crystal and silver. They’re gorgeous to look at, but I don’t plan to use them for eating, and they do take up a lot of space. I anticipate selling them in the future.

I’d try selling as the whole set instead of piece by piece. Perhaps cross-post online and locally to get more exposure and interest.

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@pinay That’s a good plan. I’m all for just unloading it all at once! If I end up moving again in a year or two, I definitely don’t want to be dragging that stuff around anymore!

i pass it on,

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Where do you find info on what it’s worth? I’ve stumbled on a great thrift shop that has sets of china and crystal. I’ve started picking up pieces as they are only 79 cents a piece and really beautiful. I’m just wondering if they have any resale value?

Thank you for some inspiration!

I bought 275 collector plates for $1 each thinking they were worth at least $2 each. Norman Rockwell limited editions, Disney and such all new in boxes from 1970-1990, a lifetime of collecting probably paying $40+ each… now, worthless.

But good news, we are making a comedy video on YouTube of me smashing them, shooting them and smashing them over my employees heads.

At this point anything to just get rid of them… so much for investing in plates.

Worst mistake I made this week!


Sorry to hear about your busted investment @MrDogPoop – but that video sounds hilarious. You’ll have to share it once it’s live! Maybe I should do the same with all of my old German china… better than having it sit in a storage unit for another year…

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