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Hello Everyone!! I currently have two email addresses: my personal email and one for my mobile notary public work. I use different survey sites for a little bit of extra income and I often get the opportunity to join various survey communities. I use my personal email address for this but sometimes the emails for the survey communities get mixed in with some of the other random emails that i get(causing me to not see them). I’m thinking of creating a separate email for my various survey sites and survey communities. Do you all have separate emails for each side hustle that you participate in?

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@bjlee Interesting question! It really depends on what the side hustle is. I can swap pretty freely between a personal yahoo and gmail account for most things, and for things like freelance writing or signing up for delivery apps, these emails do the job. However, I did have a couple of side gig ventures in the past where I found it easier to create a separate email just to keep my life more organized – especially if that side hustle needed, say, social media accounts. I’d say go for it, as it’s pretty easy to set up a new email!


@bjlee, I do surveys and am a member of several communities as well. Because I don’t get a lot of other emails I never really thought of creating a totally separate email for my surveys. As @WILL S stated , it’s easy to set up a new one. That way, you’ll be sure to not miss any earning opportunities.?

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Well, I have been doing surveys since 2019. I have made some decent money for it. I wish I knew then about different email addresses and how to use 2 different ones. Because I have a cluster of emails and from everywhere. So I understand how they got confused. I recently changed my email address and it has been crazy to to get everything switched over.

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i have been doing surveys for over five years i use only one email address

YES! I have quite a few play to earn apps, survey sites,etc that I use to cash in PayPal and Amazon giftcards. When I began participating in them, I created a separate email address that is only used for game and survey apps and websites. Some apps give points for signing up for offers that simply require an email address,and I don’t want to use my main email if I’m signing up for an offer for a weekly Diabetic Recipes newsletter to get points, since I’m not going to be reading the newsletter. If you do these apps, I highly suggest using a separate side hustle email.

If you’re going to make enough and have to pay taxes, then I’d recommend setting up a separate side hustle email. If it’s a small amount going to you personally, then I’d keep it in the same email. Juggling too many emails (work and personal) can be cumbersome toggling back and forth.

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I would like to do surveys on the side, but don’t know where to start, I need extra cash, but I want to make sure I am not getting scammed. Does anyone know of any safe and secure survey sites?

I try and separate emails as much as possible because it can get overwhelming after a while of giving out your email address. I have gone through my personal email multiple times and completely cleaned it out and within a couple of months it is back to crazy amounts of unread mail again.

Any type of organization including having a separate email address for a side hustle or business are always going to help you in the long run.