How do you organize your hustle?

I enjoy saving and making money, but with dozens of websites, surveys, side gigs, resales, etc. How do you stay organized? i.e. I never remember to save the receipts or take pics for items like ibotta…

It definitely can be difficult to keep everything in order when working on multiple different things.

I personally like to use Microsoft Word to keep track of financial things such as sales (for items I buy and resell) as well as other numbers. I find that creating a basic table allows me to track most information.

When it comes to side income from food delivery, I have it deposited in a separate bank account so that I know what all my expenses are for that. I also use an app called Everlance to track my mileage for my driving.

As far as receipts go, there are quite a few apps that allow you to save and upload your receipts. I prefer to keep paper copies but this allows much more organization when done in an app.

I am not the most organized person when it comes to these things but those are a few ways I keep some resemblance of order.


I haven’t gotten the hang of ibotta yet. idk. i’m just beginning this whole side hustle thing. when I get paid from a side hustle, I always save a quarter of what I make. right off the top. if you don’t and you owe taxes, then you can get in trouble come tax time.
@moore.income, idk why but I didn’t think you did stuff like deliveries. I thought that you only did stuff like reselling and blogging

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@socgirl Reselling and blogging are two things I do but there are a lot of other things I do on the side as well, deliveries being one of them.

Doing deliveries allows me to offset my income and catch up in other areas such as paying down debt, etc.

In the future, my plan is to transition completely into making money online but for now I am thankful to have delivery work as well.

I tend to like to adventure out a bit and try new things so when I come across a new way to earn some extra money, I at least try it out and give it a shot.