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A lot of people are looking for ways to make some side income, this is one simple way. It takes more time than anything which is good because most of the time people have extra time but no capital to start a business.

This is a super low capital idea again just takes time.

Make a helpful learning video!

Now finished reading this because I know a lot of people might have already lost interest.

I’m not talking about some 10-hour long course you need to record and edit and then hope people pay for it.

Learn a skill! or share a skill you already have! that means reading 3 books, that’s it 3 books on the topic. You will know more than 90% of people on the topic. Don’t believe that is advice from Tim Farris. Examples, copywriting, interviewing, resume writing, using a free or cheap service better like turbo tax basic or Wix, etc.

Teach people something they don’t know that will ACTUALLY help them. Then sign up on any number of sites including

  • Khan Academy:
  • Coursera:
  • Skillshare:
  • Udacity:
  • Lynda:
  • Masterclass:
  • Pluralsight:

Then after you the make the video, post it in FB groups or communities like this one here. Telling people what it is and how much it costs. Say something like, This $10 course will save you $150 on your taxes every year. (Someone will sign up because that means they just spent $10 to learn how to save $150)

Don’t chare a lot of money. $10 - $20 for an hour course that will actually help someone. that’s it. You may not make $100k but you could really easily make $500+

Tools you will need: Laptop, camera or phone, 3 books, 5 hours of time to make it and 5 hours of sharing it online. (not including reading time)

If you get good enough at talking through your process you may not even need to edit your video. It’s ok if it’s not that professional. Be upfront about that in the first 1 minute of your video but talk about the value you will give them.

Good luck and please comment if you are doing this or are going to try it!


I once taught a class on how to access public records in exchange for beer. Maybe it’s time to teach that again, only this time online and in exchange for money.


Great idea for earning some extra income.

And yes I agree, you shouldn’t charge too much money but it is still okay to charge something because you put the time and effort into creating it.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who create courses and then charge an arm and a leg but don’t provide any real value.

But if you can actually create something that will teach someone how to save a lot more than the material costs, then it becomes a worthy investment.


I’ve never created an online course but have taken many. As someone who has paid, these are likes and dislikes I personally have (likes and dislikes may be different and would love other input and opinions)

  1. Don’t drag the vid out unnecessarily. If I have to constantly fast forward because the instructor is showing me how to put paper in a notebook, for example, I’m going to lose interest quickly. Quality vs. quantity.

  2. I love it when the course goes beyond my expectations…like a bonus vid, or something off topic that brings strong value to anyone watching.

  3. I’m not into a lot of unnecessary input about the instructor’s personal life unless it is relevant to the subject matter. I want to know how the instructors job or life was improved by his subject matter, but I don’t need to know what he’s having for dinner or how his child’s soccer team is doing this year. This is controversial, I’m sure, because there are some instructors who can carry this off successfully, but in general I’m like “let’s get on with it”.

  4. Offer some real perks to your group, like discounts to another online class you may have and/or discounts for early registration, set up a social media group(s) just for your students (and be active there yourself, to show support)

  5. Share informative sources with links.


Those are all very good ideas. As a business owner we’ve been struggling to pay our bills just like many others. What i found out with my research that you can make good money online as a side hustle if you have skills which can include writing content, seo for meta tags/meta description, create quick videos.

If anyone shares these skills you can find many online projects to add to your list:

Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer


Thank you very much for these tips. Worth a try to upskill then let other learn from your own ways.

If you’re looking for resources to learn or a certificate to acquire, you can also learn from Google Digital Garage. It’s free and easy to follow.

Good luck to us!


Thank you to all who have shared ideas and reviews. For those who do not want to create a course, offer your services as part of another company’s online workshop/think tank/conference. That’s what I have been doing. And yes, keep charges low. Online gives you more of an audience. Example: I would conduct speaking engagements for about 50-200 people in person. On-line engagements has been bringing me an audience of 250-1000 people. Working on my YouTube channel now.

Sharing is caring as we are all trying to figure out how to conduct business. Think outside the box. Keep it simple.

Blessings of prosperity to all.



How does a you tube channel bring in money?


Those e-learning sites you listed above, @mark.w, are excellent.

Will figure it out later…what my plan is…

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