Stimulus Check

Try this website if you haven’t gotten a check.

Its a “Get My Check” IRS question/answer site and links to check the status of your check. If you didn’t file lately it also offers a link authorized by the IRS to fill out a form to get the IRS the information it needs to get you a answer. It explains who needs to do what in order to get you the information you’re looking for.

I am not quick to trust those sites:…virus-schemes-2020-3

That is the actual IRS site and THE best source of check status. Do not stress if it says info not available. It is updated once daily so it does no good to check it more than one time a day plus it will lock you out if you check too many times. The IRS offices are closed so there is no reason to bother calling them right now.


I get it. I guess then patience and acceptance is the name of the game. That’s what I’m doing.