Suggestions for a low cost getaway

I am looking for ideas for a less expensive getaway for a few days in the New England area. I know I can go do a Google search, but I wondered if any of you have traveled up here and had an experience that you would recommend. I DO NOT like to camp. I’ll take any other ideas! TIA.

@kellyfromkeene I love Provincetown, Mass (we go there every year). Also, have heard great things about Gloucester, MA. Both are great for a long weekend. Mystic, CT is a gorgeous coastal town that is very charming as well and can offer some good budget options. (I’m with you…no camping!)

Vermont has a lot of great options as well but it can get a bit pricey in the fall because of the foliage season. (If you want to explore Vermont, however, let me know and I’ll give you some suggestions.)

Feel free to pick my brain – I’m a travel nerd!

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Thanks @theodora! I live in NH but I’m always looking for things to do. What are some of the places you love in VT? I know all about foliage season…tourists, lol. But it’s lovely to explore your own back yard What did you do in P-town? What did you do that you enjoyed in Mystic? I have never been to Gloucester, but I’ve heard from more than one person that I should make the trip down there.

Have you ever been to Shelbourne Falls MA? That’s a charming little town.

@kellyfromkeene When are you looking to take the getaway? Let me know and I’ll give you some tips! I wouldn’t go to coastal NE too far into fall as it can really get a little too chilly to really enjoy it.

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Portland, ME is definitely ideal. So cute and much more doable than Boston but has a lot of similar feels. You are right on the coast with plenty to do. It is actually named one of the best cities in America for top rated restaurants as well if you’re a foodie! If you are wanting something more relaxed and remote, I would suggest central Maine in the foothills. In fact, my highly recommended fantastic place to stay (and quite unique as well) if to stay on a boat in Rangley Lake. Its a one of kind experience! Here is a link to check it out. And it is not badly priced either…569_Pz3SzIxccQUvHrZ5

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Thank you! I’m not looking far a specific date, just gathering ideas for whenever I can just go away, hide, and enjoy. Thanks for the suggestions

@kellyfromkeene Cape Cod is great up until around October. In Provincetown, there are tons of shops and art galleries and great restaurants, etc. The warmer months are even more fun for the beaches, kayaking and whale watching.

I totally agree with @siciliansarah about Portland. Ogunquit in Maine is a quaint little village on the water – close to Portsmouth, NH. I also really enjoy Providence, RI.

Mystic, CT is a beautiful little town full of things to do – a great aquarium and cute little shops to stroll through. Excellent seafood. It can be very affordable for a long weekend.

Hope you have a great and peaceful little getaway whatever you decide.

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The Western Mountains of Maine are nice as well, Farmington, Rangeley. If you belong to a hotel points program there is always a place to earn/use points. We belong to both Choice Hotels and Wyndham Rewards, but if you are not into bigger places there are a lot of smaller spots too. Maine is really a 4 season state, as is NH. We have also visited Salem, MA in the fall and it was beautiful.

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Head to the Ski Resorts (Okemo, Killington, Snow, etc.) - the ones whose base camps are open year-round (Okemo, for sure) has deals and summer/fall activities - ropes course, October fest, concerts, mountain biking, hiking, and more).


Thanks, everyone!