Summer Jobs for Teachers?

Hi y’all! Are there any teachers out there who have picked up jobs over the summer to make some extra cash? If so, I’d love to hear about which ones are worth the time! Part-time, full-time, side hustle — all are welcome!


My sister is a teacher and during the summer she likes to work at the merch table or drink station for outdoor concerts. She gets to listen to the music for free and earns some extra cash!

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I teach English online to students in China! There are 6-month contracts and you can work as little or as much as you want. So if you get hired, you could work more over the summer and less or not at all during the school year! (I don’t think I can give out links and I don’t want to spam, so DM me if you want more info!)



I used to jockey car for a big hotel during my summers. I also did temp agency work many summers. Retired now, but I spent lots of summers getting grad credits for pay or degree goals.

I can teach Maths & English well to grade iv & v . If I get this job I will provide the service as easy to understand the students as the simplest way.

These are the platforms where I use to look for a part time or side hustle:

For passive income, I rent out our family’s stuff like canopies through My Garage Rentals it’s free to list with no limit too