You really need to add at least 5X more characters in your reply portion of surveys. You ask how we are changing our strategy due to Covid-19 and then give us one sentence to answer. That is comical, at least 500 to 1000 words minimum on all of those.

Can you please correct that going forward please?


Hi @rick.campbell! We hear you. Unfortunately, we’re limited in terms of the character count for the survey responses.

We do want to read your response and comments. Once you submit a survey response, a comments field will open up. You can add more context to your survey response there.

You can also begin discussion topics or engage with some of the COVID-19 related topics here in the community. I published one today, for example.

Hope this helps. Stay safe (and healthy)!

Awesome, thank you, very good and great way to continue the discussion. Kudos to you! Rick Campbell