Track extras!

I had no idea how much money I was wasting until I dove deep into my monthly bank statements. App purchases and even small monthly services were adding up. Keep a running list next to your computer and write down the continual monthly and once a year expenses. Signed up for a free trial? They will charge you without asking after the trial is up. Keep track, people!

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This is why I shy away from free trials. Unless I am almost certain that this is something worth paying for, forget the trial. I’m good. And I found that when I received a new card, all the accounts that were charging my old card needed to be updated, obviously. I cancelled a few because I just wasn’t using it enough to make it worth the money.


I can’t tell you how many times “free trials” have gotten me! It is generally just a little bit here and there but it sure does add up over time! Thanks for the reminder to keep good track of things!

The free trials have caught me a couple of times, too. I like your list idea, @tracey.lalena.tabers for keeping track of how quickly they add up. Here’s something I’ve found works for me: Before I sign up for a free trial, I figure out what the end date is going to be (since the subscription services rarely tell you that info). I set an alert in my Google calendar for three days before the trial period ends to give myself the cushion of a couple extra days to log in and unsubscribe (finding that page on the website also usually requires some work).


No more free trials for us. I cancelled Amazon Music @$7.99 monthly, and Amazon Fresh @$4.99 monthly. I still have 0.99 Hulu till December, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Kindle Unlimited (paid until 8/2022). My husband still has LA Fitness @$29.99 monthly. We will cancel Netflix in October for Disney @$6.99. I never even used Amazon Fresh and paid the subscription for at least 6 months.