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Hi Everyone -

I am curious to know if anyone uses Trim and used them to help with lowering your credit card ARP, building a budget, and other money saving tips. I do know they charge $10 a month.

Pros or Cons?? Thanks

I have gotten quite a few advertisements from them on Facebook but have never used their service.

The $10 fee would probably be the biggest deterrent for me unless I could somehow prove that there would be a good ROI by using it.

I am also curious to know if anyone else has experienced using them.

Hi All,

I have used Trim in the past for bills and it worked great. Are you sure about the $10 fee? I’m pretty sure if you use the Facebook connect and simply want to lower certain types of bills they just take a cut of your bill savings over the next n years.

I have it hooked up to my account and am definitely not being charged $10 a month.

Signing up for a Trim account is completely free. Your free account gives you a personal finance dashboard, personalized spend alerts and reminders, detection and fighting of overdraft fees, finding and cancelling old subscriptions, and more.

Trim offers additional paid features such as Bill Negotiation, Debt Payoff, and Trim Simple Savings. Payment for these features varies and will be explained before you sign up for the specific feature. Trim is also compensated by third-party partners, such as credit card issuers, for referring customers to them.

So looks like depending on the bill it may be a monthly fee or it may just be a percentage of the savings. I would bet that some negotiations (internet service for example) are just a cut of the savings and others will charge a flat fee.

Doesn’t hurt to sign up and see what the payment options are - from the FAQ that’s where you’ll be told the pricing depending on service provided.

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Thanks Drew. I think I will try and use them for a few months. Appreciate the feed back.

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