Unprofitable companies are annoucing IPOS

So some big companies are about to become public. Big in terms of brand awareness and not profit.

Uber and Lyft are the 2 next companies that are set to launch their IPOs later on this year. (I beleive Lyft will be this month). However, BOTH companies have never made a profit? Yet, there are alot of eyes set on buying stock from these companies.

Why is that? Would you buy stock from Uber or Lyft?


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This is definitely very good information to have.

I think people tend to get caught up with thinking of these companies in terms of becoming big like Amazon or Google.

While I have no doubt these companies stand a chance of becoming big, one should really do a lot of research before making an investment and not just invest based on pure emotion.

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I think brands do try to ‘trade’ on their popularity rather than performance and unfortunately people will hear the name & think it is a great thing to get in on ‘at the ground floor’ hoping that it will be the next big thing.

I won’t be investing in it.

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