What’s Your Go-To Hack for Household Chores?

I don’t know about you, but the space under my kitchen (and bathroom) sink is full of products that I may have used just once. So many things to clean up so many messes, and yet they all seem to be collecting dust.

Recently I learned that white vinegar can open clogged drains, baking soda cleans grout and the stains from coffee mugs, and peanut butter banishes the fishy stink from cookware. And I always have white vinegar, baking soda and peanut butter on hand. Why do I need to spend money on all that other stuff?

And weirdly, it seems like everything gets gum out hair (peanut butter, coconut oil, Coca-Cola, lemon juice, even mayonnaise). What’s with all this gum in our hair?

I am curious about your ideas for household product hacks. What are you using for one job that’s advertised for another? Are you putting dryer sheets in your shoes to make them smell better?


I use Dr Bonners castile soap for many things- all purpose cleaner, kitchen cleaner, bathroom, floors, and even laundry sometimes. A little bit goes a very long way. I am starting to use white vinegar as well- as you say, it has so many uses and I learn more hacks all the time.

I am still a fan of mop and glow, and scrubbing bubbles for my shower. That’s about it for the usual cleaners though!


Great stuff! The Penny Hoarder has quite a few articles on multiple uses for just about anything you have in the pantry, cupboard or under the kitchen sink, including:

For me, I’ve used vinegar to deep clean a wide range of things, from the coffee pot to removing rust from screws and tools. And Windex is my go-to all purpose cleaner. Besides cleaning glass, it’s great for cutting through all kinds of grease. Oh, and baking soda has been invaluable for cleaning up lingering odors from pet and toddler accidents on the carpets.


I agree about Dr. Bronner’s (I like peppermint). I also keep these basics no matter what: hydrogen peroxide (gentle and kills C.Diff), baking soda, vinegar, 20 Muleteam Borax, and OxyClean. I still purchase and use specialty items, but I always keep the basics listed above for their cleaning and disinfecting properties. They really came in handy in early 2020 when it was hard to find disinfectants.


wow all great ideas thanks for sharing

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