$1,400 stimulus checks, unemployment extension and more!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

It looks like the newest relief bill will pass in the next couple of days. This round includes $1,400 stimulus checks, an expansion of unemployment benefits until early September and a bigger child tax credit.

I’m compiling some FAQs about all three of these topics. If you have questions about stimulus checks, unemployment or the child tax credit, please ask away and I will try my best to answer!


If the bill passes in the House again tomorrow, and then the President signs it, when might we expect to start seeing it in our bank accounts?

Hello, I read today that the week of March 17th-22nd they will start sending direct deposits.

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I heard today that we can start checking our bank accounts this coming Monday the 15th!

Happy Friday! The stimulus money is officially pending in my bank account. Whoo-hoo!

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my son and sister have theirs in the bank, but can’t take the money until March 17th my bank said it will be there on March 17th, my son and sister belong to a credit union i belong to a bank

Hello Everyone!

@dear.penny , I’m interested in learning more about the unemployment extension and how to file if your UI benefits ran out 4 months ago. Any resources on that topic? Please connect me! I’d love to see a decision tree chart!

On a lighter note…I appreciate all the positive and supportive people in the Penny Hoarder community that have shared advice and support. My heart goes out to everyone in situations that are beyond their control. Its scary.

My husband and I are still waiting for our stimulus check. There’s not even a date out there which really makes me think there’s a problem. We got federal and both state tax refunds in a timely manner. Is anyone still waiting for their stimulus check?

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hell everyone i hope all is well i feel very bad for all of the people with out jobs and yes they collect unemployment but its not always what you make in a regular pay, i do hope that the extra money in the stimulus checks helps, prays to all and i am so great full to learn everything i do from you all