$600 stimulus checks

Just curious, what did everyone do with the most recent (individual) $600 stimulus check? Mine went straight to credit card debt!

Any plans for the next one ($1,400 each, if we get one). I try not to look too far into the future but another stimulus check would be awesome sauce!


Mine get direct deposited into my stock brokerage account for future investing. The next one the same way, as well as last years


My check didn’t last long unfortunately. It went toward replacing my tires. Didn’t cover all four. The next one’s going straight into savings and my IRA!


Ours melted right into household bills.


For some reason my stimulus was sent bsvk by my bank ! Brilliant ! Now I won’t get one pretty much

Hi Suzy

Did you find out why it was sent back?


Mine went to bills as well, but if/when we get the 1400.00, some of that goes to savings.

My $1200 and $600 stimulus checks went toward credit card debt!

I saved half of it and used the other half for bills, groceries.

I have yet to receive either as married file separate has to file for both with tax returns… eventually mine is going directly into savings as I used part of saving to part year of vehicle insurance…

With my stimulus check, I bought a MUCH needed loveseat for my TV/craft room. The rest went to bills & food. HOPEFULLY, we’ll get another. A new (adjustable) mattress is next as it is much needed also. Can ANYONE save anything on SSD?

Still waiting for the stimulus checks to get here.

I ended up taking the first round and opening 3 custodial brokerage accounts for my kids. Each amount was invested in SWPPX (S&P 500 Index Fund). I am hoping this becomes a jump in point for them to look at investing early on.

My husband and I received our first 1,200 dollar stimulus money around April 2020. We have not received or second round and the two of us are struggling. We both live on Retirement benefits, and my husband spends around 600 a month just on medications. I am getting frustrated with the government. We are thinking of moving to Costa Rica. We love it there and our family that lives there has no problems with anything. Sincerely, Frustrated with the US Government.

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I wish you the best!

I worked hard all my life and don’t have a retirement fund so young people please please- save for your retirement.

Where is our safety net? Why do we have to pay so much for our medications? Every job even Uber should have a good retirement plan and social security should be higher. Once big business chews you up they just spit you out. And your boss goes on a nice vacation. No one should have to worry about how to get their medicine

and don’t get me started on vaccines. I’m old. Where is my vaccine? In PA this company down the street got vaccines and gave them out to whoever.




i paid some bills ahead and put the rest away, i am off from school from end of june to sept. so i don;t get paid and i can’t collect unemployment so i save for the summer to pay bills

Still waiting for the $600. Glad for all that got theirs.

What are the reasons some people didn’t get a stimulus?

We put both of our stimulus checks into savings, the $600 and $1,200 checks. Based on our 2019 income we qualified. But when we did our 2020 income taxes in January, the Feds took it back. My wife has been working 80+ hours a week since last March and made a lot of overtime. It was a one time thing. We aren’t too worried about it since we are doing OK.

It is just ridiculous to think we worked so hard all our lives (I started at 15 and now I am 65) and I can’t afford my meds either. I have Medicare, a Medicare supplement and Medicare part D (RX), and my deductibles are all due. My deductible for my supplement is $1,000 and my RX deductible is $500. I would move to another country to with better health care if it wasn’t for my great-grandchildren whom I’m very close to. I get so **** tired of the struggle. I had to go on disability at 62 due to heart issues and back issues.