Apple kills the iPod, but ‘yay’ for our wallets?

It’s official; the iPod is dead. Apple has officially discontinued the last iPod in its lineup, the iPod touch, bringing it all to a close in 2022. We recently published an article on how much money some iPods are still selling for on eBay, so be sure to check in your drawers and your closets to see if you might have a few hundred dollars lying around (that’s always fun to find).

On the flip side, I’d love to hear any stories anyone has about their iPod back in the day. It indeed was a device that changed our lives and how we consumed music. Does anyone have any fond memories? Funny enough, I never really owned an iPod; I was one of those weird Zune people. ?


I still have the Classic IPOD and have well over 5000 songs on it. It doesn’t hold a charge for long and of course I cant get it repaired… But the songs on it bring me back. I’m bummed its going away.

I miss the iPod and classic iTunes. I do have an iPhone- it’s not the same.


Wish I still my iPod Classic! Loved that thing. Sadly, it was stolen out of my car several years ago.


wow thanks for sharing


Loved my iPod! I bought the first generation of iPods for my little brother and me when it was released ( I think in 2000-2003???). Mine was pink, and his was green. I thought it was the coolest music player ever since the Discman (portable CD player)! I even had a charger that plugged into the cigarette lighter while holding the iPod upright. In 2007, I received an upgraded iPod as a gift. I sold my original one for a good amount; I forgot for how much. I do miss it, but the memories are great!


I picked up two iPods recently at an estate sale for $4 a piece. One was a 160GB one that I listed on eBay and sold within hours for $115 + shipping.

The other one along with another I found at Goodwill for $5 I sold to a friend of mine who repairs Apple products for $20 bucks a piece and he flipped them for around $120 or so.

I have always been an Android guy myself but you better believe as a reseller, I will always be willing to sell Apple products to turn a profit!


Well, that’s interesting @moore.income!

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