Benefits of freelancing to earn money

Freelancing is a great way to make extra money during your downtime, and there are many platforms that allow you to advertise your services and find work. Some people choose to work from home, while others have their own offices or cubicle farms in a shared workspace. Freelancers can use their own time, skills, and creativity in order to earn decent money working on what they love with other people.

There are many benefits of freelancing, including flexibility, job satisfaction, improved financial situation, and growth potential.

Some freelancers prefer working from home because they can be flexible with their work schedule, for instance, during school holidays. At the same time, freelancers also like to work on their own terms and avoid unnecessary meetings with co-workers.

There are many platforms that can help you find work, such as Upwork, freelancer, gig4u, and Fiverr. You can also start your own website or blog to reach out to potential clients or sell yourself in a compelling way using their services.

You should try freelancing by taking some risks like a trial run or by working for free to see if it’s the right kind of work for you. I believe investing an hour daily in freelancing will get you positive outcomes. This will help you gain confidence in your communication, presentation, and management skills.

You should also make sure you get your finances in order when you choose to take the leap into freelancing. Freelancing is a good opportunity for earning extra income, but it is not an opportunity to throw caution out of the window.


Good tips @maya.dutta! While I don’t freelance (write) anymore, the struggle was always finding new places to contribute to and maintain client lists. I often found the work that went intoit equated to more of a labor of love than a substantial paycheck. But that’s just me! I admire those who can freelance and make a living.


@will.s Thank you for sharing your experience.

I’m a freelance designer and I started freelancing a few months back. In my opinion, freelancing has changed my life in many ways.

  • I earn more now, (one of the important reasons to be a full-time freelancer ?)
  • I work on my skills daily and I am not bound to do the same task daily.
  • If there is any day I feel not to work, I take a day off on any day. Yes, I work on Sunday too, I sometimes work every day but not for 8 hrs continuously.
  • I get the opportunity to connect with a number of clients worldwide and work hard to meet their expectations, It is really fun and self-motivating to explore new things, and grow more.

Yes, I’d have to work hard to get work and connect with clients daily. I made sure my availability on weekends too (in the beginning). Now, I feel it is worth investing my time into it. Everyone has their own story in their job, whether doing an office job, freelancing, self-employed, entrepreneur, or any other job. This is mine!

Also, If anyone is thinking of freelancing but not sure whether they should freelance or not, or not sure about any other job, try investing some time into it. Try investing 1-2 hrs daily online and figure out if this is what they can do. Make a plan, prepare a trial period for yourself, and I believe this will help you find the solution. No other person can tell you exactly what is good for you or not.


The biggest benefit of being a freelancer is that you are the CEO of your own company. You are an autonomous entity.

You are free to choose the kind of clients and people you want to work with. You have the authority to choose not to work with aggressively difficult clients.

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