Best way to get a new iPhone

Is anybody researched how to get a new iPhone without financing it?
Not sure if I should go through Apple directly and not necessarily in love with my current carrier either.
I really just wanna buy the phone out right but not have to finance it.

You can always get a new iPhone by purchasing one on Amazon or eBay.

Just make sure you are getting it from a reputable seller.

Not sure if you are looking for the latest and greatest but you can usually pay a better price for an older version which in the case of the iPhone, aren’t too much different than the newest model.

If you do purchase on one of these marketplaces, just make sure the phone comes “unlocked” and then you will be able to use it with whatever carrier you choose, which also allows you to switch carriers if you want to.

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We’ve bought a total of 4 phones off ebay, each different sellers and had zero issues. We’ve purchased new and used from ebay and, as Jon Moore says, insist on unlocked phones so we can change carriers and plans when we feel we need to. We look for sellers with great ratings on ebay.

The last purchase was last Fall and my partner switched from Android to Apple, but on advice from an Apple-freak friend, went with an older version since he doesn’t use his phone for much more than texting and calling. All well.

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I recently bought an iPhone 11 from Costco. Not only did I get a $30 Costco gift card, I also got a trade-in credit of $40 for my old iPhone 6 and a $580 credit on T-Mobile, my new carrier. So if you can find deals like this it works out well.

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