Credit Report

So there is something on my credit report that should actually be on someone else’s report because they were the perpetrator but it was in my name. How can I fix this?

Did you co-sign on the account?

If your name was attached to the account in any way, it could technically show up on both yours and the other persons account.

For example, I added my wife to some of my credit cards and so those account show up on her credit report.

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Hi, I read your post earlier regarding Rich Uncles and I was just wondering about how much money do you get back in dividends. I heard it was a scam and you can’t ever get your money back. So I wanted to ask you about it since I read you were a member. How long have you been a member? If any of these questions are too personal can we give our email addresses? First time here. Thank you for your time.


@debbieh5 From my personal experience, they are a legitimate company and not a scam at all.

I have been investing with them since September of 2018. My dividends started out small because I only had like $25 bucks in there to begin with and I invest every two weeks.

I currently have almost $700 invested and my last dividend payout was for $3.24. While this number may seem small, it is much better than I would get at any bank, and since I reinvest my dividends, the amount grows over time.

The company is very open and professional about how they operate. They allow you to see all the properties they invest in and in depth information about each. They even have given me a call from time to time to check on how I was liking their company and if there was anything they could help me understand better about how it works.

They recently stopped accepting investments for a short time because they did not have a property to invest in and did not want to be taking people’s money and simply holding onto it without putting it to work.

As far as what someone has said about not getting your money back, you are able to sell your shares at any time. Also, when they stopped accepting investments for a time, they sent out the dividends to people in paper checks (because they didn’t have anything to invest it in) I got my check without having to even ask them for it, they simply sent it out to everyone who owns shares in their REIT.

All of their contact info is easily accessible on their website so if you have any questions or concerns, you can always give them a call and they can help you out.

This is my personal experience and I personally vouch for them, however, I only recommend investing with them if you are 100% confident that it is a good investment for you personally.

(Sorry for the long response, just wanted to make sure to cover everything)

Welcome to the community by the way!

Have you made a police report? You may need that in order to dispute the charges with the creditor or the credit agency. Call both the card and the agency. Communication is very important.

Oh, thank you so much for your prompt response.This helped me immensely. I took the leap of faith and now own shares also.
So, again thank you for getting back to me.I really appreciate it.
Have a great weekend and I will see you online.

Glad I could be of help @debbieh5, let me know if you have any other questions.