Do you trust Amazon reviews?

Amazon can certainly make life easier, but do you bother looking at the reviews anymore? Have you ever been excited about a product that had gobs of five-star reviews, only to be seriously disappointed? I recently bought a robo-vacuum that got great reviews but broke within a few weeks. I don’t bother ordering clothing or beauty products on Amazon because the reviews are so untrustworthy. One analysis found that about 42% of Amazon reviews are fake!

I wrote this piece a while back about how to spot fake reviews on Amazon.

One tool that I find really helpful is FakeSpot. I use the browser extension version, and it grades the quality of the reviews. For instance, I just ordered a new pair of headphones. FakeSpot gave the reviews a “B.” (The letter grade is based on the quality of the reviews, not the quality of the product.) Then, it gives you an adjusted star rating with the fake reviews weeded out. In the case of the headphones, both the Amazon and FakeSpot rating was 4.4, so hopefully they’ll be a good buy.

Do you trust the reviews on Amazon? And do you have any tricks for spotting the fake reviews?


I read reviews before I buy anything as a reason to help make/stop an impulse buy. I look at the ones on Amazon in various ways. I may read a few 5 stars, look at the reviews with pictures or videos, and read the one-star reviews, which are quite informative. For example, I was looking at one of those “steamer characters” that you put in the microwave to steam clean the microwave and it was in the lower star ratings, I got the information not listed in the 5-star. rating about the problem of removing the top part to fill the item. I post reviews on any items I buy from Amazon, and I give a fair review with details, especially since I brought the item and didn’t get it as a promotional gift like some of the reviewers do–I don’t trust getting those gifts items as a guarantee the items are as claimed. So read those reviews with a thought to sift through them like looking for the perfect grain of thought.


I take Amazon reviews with a grain of salt and always Google for more reviews, or even Consumer Reports if I can. Another thing is I like to look at is the country of manufacture for products because like Dear Penny, I have been disappointed with a purchase before. I have been buying from Amazon since at least 1997 (first, books only) and became a Prime member in 2008. This past February, I did not renew my subscription because $150 ($139 before tax) is just too much for me to continue to justify. Anywho, I’ll see how I get along without it over the next few months.

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wow thats a great idea thanks for sharing

I use Fakespot also. I find it helpful in making my decision on whether or not to purchase.

I use Fakespot as well but also look closely at the seller. Amazon is exellent with returns so I don’t worry too much but admit the reviews often make or break my decision to buy. I am more concerned about the drop shippers on Amazon. I’ve had more issues with them because they often list items that are out of stock with thier suppliers so a buyer is left with constantly amended shipping dates. I can usually spot a drop shipper by noting the seller’s name (unfamiliar)and the amount if items listed (100s or 1000s). The reviews will also frequently mention shipping delays.

I, too, am a Fakespot user. That aids me in deciding whether or not to make a purchase.


Welcome @Cody_Holland! Glad to see a new face here in the Community! I’ve never heard of FakesSot, but I’ll check it out.

I do read Amazon reviews, and am more apt to really pay attention to the reviews that are critical of whatever product I may be ordering. If I also look elsewhere for reviews of the same product. Video product reviews are the best, in my opinion!

No. But you can work truth out from looking at re-occurring issues people complain about. i generally go right to the bad reviews first to see a theme: bad quality etc.

welcome Cody and thank you for your post i enjoy learning from this great community have a good day