How I Get 5/6 Customers To Leave Reviews (All Positive)

Hey guys,

This piece of advice goes for everyone wether you’re a freelancer, hardened entrepreneur, a startup, or working on side income.

For anyone who owns an Amazon/EBay or any business you might notice that only 2%-5% of all your sales get a review. Most of the time it seems like they’re pretty negative.

I currently have an average of 83.3% review rate for all sales across all of my selling platforms.

I’m going to go into how I do that:

  1. Make sure your business focuses on customer experience.

What I mean by this is how you engage with your customers and create an experience that is personal and engaging. This may include:

•Hand written notes

• Small little nic nacks that relate to the order if it’s a particular niche I am serving (including a handwritten note on this saying surprise also is a huge impact)

  1. Communication

This is big. One way to make this even more impacting on your customers is also by making it personal. Not just a generic email where you copy and paste their name into the blank. No, on some selling platforms such as Etsy or EBay you can personally message your customers. I use this to let them know when:

• I have viewed/received their order.

• I am personally packaging their order. I will occasionally take photos and send. (I also do this as insurance purposes to show that when I sent them to Usps it was in perfect condition).

• I am leaving/on my way to usps with their order.

• I have dropped their order off and will provide their tracking number in the message AND input it when I mark the order as shipped.

• When their order has arrived I personally message them to ask how the package arrive sans if there’s anything I need to do if it ended up damaged on the way.

• Birthday cards or sending a Thank you card later for putting a review and for ordering.

All of this creates a personal experience. Not only will you create more sales from this individual person but it’s like a butterfly effect. Why?

• Great 5 star reviews made mostly with paragraphs and no negative reviews helps a customer know that they are dealing with a great seller who cares about their customers. So they are more likely to buy (more sales).

• 80% of the time the customer will post on their social media about the experience and their friends will buy.

• If you are loyal to your customers they are loyal back which leads to repeat sales.

I hope everyone can get something out of this. Not many companies are personal with their customers. Despite they are small things it stands out for that reason. I also hope this helps create more genuine companies and small businesses.

  • Emily Soloman

@Emily Soloman This is fantastic advice@


@mskimberly Thank you!!! I hope you’re able to apply it and really help grow your business to the next level!!!

Lots of great information indeed!

It is getting harder and harder to get people to leave positive reviews, especially on eBay where I do most of my selling.

It seems people are quick to leave negative reviews when the experience was bad but tend to forget to leave a positive review if they had a good experience.

But, when you put in the effort to make the customer feel well taken care of, and apply the tips you have mentioned above, getting customers to leave positive reviews becomes a lot easier for sure!