Donating to your local food bank

I did a fundraising for a food bank for my birthday on Facebook. I just now donated to my local Second Harvest food bank. I feel strongly that since my husband and I still have our jobs, and will for the forseeable future, that we have to help out right now. Anyone else?


I totally, agree with you. I love what you and your husband are doing.

I too, with my friends did a fundraiser on FB and did a great job. We surpassed the amount we planned to raise and with a lot of families that need it.

Honestly, we didn’t do this because we were having 2 much. A lot of people can’t stay at home for 3 days without going to work. They will have nothing to it.

In the end, I am excited to have helped.


You have big hearts and encouraging others to donate may be multiplied by having them realize how great it feels to help out someone in need and next time, they may be the ones starting the fundraiser. God bless you all.

Thank you very much for you kind heated did’s, I pray that God with his infinite mercy will continue blessing you time without limits dear,