Door Dash Car Insurance

I was so excited to be Door Dashing until a friend said that my car ins. won’t cover me while I’m working. My car ins. place says the endorsement would cost $60/month (more than I was gonna work the job) so I was wondering if other Door Dashers have advice or places that they have gotten ins. for that that is cheaper.

Wondering if this is true of Uber & Lyft?

It’s true for any work you use your car for. The main reason is that you’re out on the road more than if you use it for just commuting. The more you’re out on the road, the higher chance of getting in an accident. So, your normal car insurance most likely would not cover an accident that happened while you were using the vehicle for work.

@karo You said the $60 a month is more than you were going to work the job? You can earn $60 in a single day delivering food. My son makes about $100 a day in less than 5 hours on Door Dash.