Financial Fitness February: Day 28 (FREEBIES)

Hard to believe we have already made it to the last day of the month… but wait, we get an extra day this year! Who else is “leaping” :Dfor joy!

Today was a pretty good day for my finances. Here are a few things that went down.

1.) Invested In My Business

Up until today, most of my investing in my reselling business has been in sourcing items to resell.

I did however end up buying a few things for the day to day operation of my business.

The two things I spent money on were paper to print labels for shipping items and some really cool NEW shipping material that my favorite reselling YouTuber “Hairy Tornado” made a sponsored video about.

Although this means I spent some money, it is an investment in the business and although these purchases are not directly related to a return on investment, they are nonetheless just as important.

While it would be nice to not have these expenses, I have to look at the bigger picture which is that without these things I couldn’t do what I do.

By making these investments in my business, I am insuring my ability to make money and that is a financial WIN in my books.

2.) Sold Some Masks

Now, I know this is a touchy subject for some, but I ended up finding some 3M N95 masks at my local hardware store (sold out almost everywhere) and I did flip them online at a profit.

The way I see it, there are many people out there who need these items and they do me no good to just keep them to myself.

I sold them at the average price that most sellers were selling them for and I did not “gouge” the price in any way.

The fact is there are people who need these masks and I have no problem making a little bit of profit for spending the time to go out and find the masks and the time to list them to make them available to those who need them.

3.) Did 3 Delivery Trips (and ended up with FREE food)

I was busy doing a lot of organizing around the house and working on some online stuff today.

But I did take some time to do a few deliveries with UberEats. (I also got my UberEats video posted the other day and have had some nice comments about it)

I spent 1 hr 33 min. logged in although most of that time was waiting for deliveries.

In that time I did 3 deliveries and earned $17.10 and so far none have tipped, hopefully at least the 2 will later.

My first delivery however, I actually ran into a little bit of trouble because when I got to the address, I could not get in touch with the customer.

I ended up finally calling them only to find out they were not even in Fargo, ND, they were in Florida!

Needless to say, UberEats ended up cancelling the delivery but they still paid me the total amount I was supposed to recieve.

They then told me I could “dispose” of the food, and I could figure out no better way to dispose of it than to eat it! laugh

I also ended up having a long wait at McDonald’s for one of the deliveries and they gave me a free drink which I gladly accepted.

Just a couple more perks of being a food delivery driver!


For those of you who have followed me for any length of time, you know I am always up to try out new things.

Because of this, you would be surprised to see how many random apps I have installed on my phone.

One random app, that I have personally enjoyed using is called Vestly.

It is a fantasy finance game that allows you to fake invest in stocks that actually follow the real stock market.

They actually have monthly prizes for the top investors as high as $3,000 for first place!

Anyways, as I was picking my wife up from work, I got a notification on my phone that I was the winner of this months random drawing.

I logged on to see that they had deposited $45 in my account!


To be honest, my fake trades are doing pretty poorly this month so I am glad the stocks aren’t real but I have actually won the drawing once before and actually had the money deposited in my bank so I know the money is REAL!

It must just be my lucky day but I have decided I am going to take that money and do a challenge I will call “Flipping With Free Money” and I am going to see how much I can grow that $45 to buying and reselling different items. (My goal is to see if I can turn it into $1,000)

Stay tuned, and let me know if you would like me to keep you updated on my progress with that!

This post is getting super long so I will cut it off here but thanks for reading and wish each and every one of you some special little blessings like I received today!

What is the most amount of “FREE Money” (money you got for doing nothing) you have received and where did it come from?

Share your WIIIINNNSS!


Jon, this was a fantastic day for you…free food and drink and a game I need to check out!


I would definitely recommend checking it out @mskimberly

It is a free game and it does teach you about investing in the stock market.

And the fact that you actually have the chance to win real money makes it even better.


Looking forward to reading how you will grow your $45…I love those types of challenges tho I’ve not actively participated in any!! This should be your next series of posts!

I’ve found myself with a little spare time this weekend, a rarity, so finally going to watch some of your YouTube posts, Jon! .


Moore Income posted:

I would definitely recommend checking it out @mskimberly

It is a free game and it does teach you about investing in the stock market.

And the fact that you actually have the chance to win real money makes it even better.

And I love games!

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@mintjulep It should be a fun little challenge. I will definitely post about it on here and plan to make some videos about it as well.

Thanks for checking out my videos. It takes a lot of work to make them and it is nice to know that there are people watching them! :)

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