Halloween-Is it Cancelled this year?

Stores are preparing for Halloween, some people are buying, some have started projects and costumes for it, others are on the fence. Just wondering what to expect.

This is the first time we’re experiencing a pandemic in the age of information and technology. We have no patterns or expectations to watch out for yet.

However, if your concern is about the collaterals that come with the Halloween, there will be families setting up decorations and what nots. That’s for sure.

Have you decided for yourself?

Are you planning to buy new decorations, re-use your old ones (if you have) or rent so you don’t have to pay the full price if you’re only going to use it once a year?

This is the first Halloween that I will live somewhere that should get trick-or-treaters. I do plan to distribute candy, with a mask of course. I am not decorating. Purchased a condo December 2019, and have not built up any decorations, etc. That will have to wait for next year. My kids are older (13 and 15) and will not be out this year. Crazy times we are in. We will manage.

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We bought candy for Halloween. We do not expect trick or treat traffic, due to our county high level Covid-19 cases. We don’t have children at home. If we have trick or treaters, we will give out candy with our masks on.

Boy, oh, boy, yes, planning to decorate this year with 3 homemade witches holding hands. The heads will be plastic and have flicker lights for after dark. We usually give out pre-packed pretzels. In years past we did a cemetery out front with corny tombstones. Had to skip a few years because of working and timing was off. Now is the time to be creative again on the budget.

My vet has a plastic rat skeleton she found at Walgreens and keeps it up year-round. Of course, she specializes in birds and small mammals…