Hello. I am seeking all advice on if it's possible to earn money from home

I was employed a for the last 13 year’s as a “Substance abuse Counselor”, both in an “Outpatient”, and a “Residential Treatment Facility, (Managing Methadone to Abstinence Clients. I received my greatest rewards and fulfillments through playing a role in assisting people who suffered from the terrible” Brain Disorder" of “Addiction”. Mostly to OPIATE based drugs, such as"Heroin", and any other opiate-based drugs readily available. To reestablish healthy family dynamics, stabilize clients with referrals to appropriate Mental Health Treatment, and Providers. TO seek gainful employment( for those who included that living area in their personalized, and individual “Treatment Plan”, which is designed and developed together with the client. I could go on, and on.

With the high demand for Addiction Treatment, I was thinking to offer my knowledge and experience as a “Certified Addiction Counselor”, by developing a system where addicts, family members of those in active addictions, to help guide them through the myriad of treatment modalities, and options, based on the many factors of the addiction process, and what choice of drugs a person suffers from. I worked and honed my skills in The Bronx, New York. I am a " Proud Vietnam Era Veteran. Who recently had to stop working, and go on SS Disability( due to physical issues), my income is greatly reduced now as a result, which has created this huge financial crisis in our plans for my visit, ( which initial plans and dates had to be postponed, which is devastating to “My Love” and I. I have not worked out any thoughts to achieve this possible option, to help us to achieve the most important “life-changing event” & experience that I have always dreamed of.

My time is running short, I need desperately to get this done ASAP. If anyone has any advice to offer me, I will be highly grateful!

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CURTIS YOUNG0 Thank you for serving our country.

There so many ways you could make money.

You could create ebooks on additions

Course on additions and how to help a person

You could all so start a blog or website on this
and set a fee for every thing. A person could pay
threw pay pal.

I hope this has helped you

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