How I Make $600 Working 8 Hours a Week.


My name is Soloman. I’m 21 years old and I make $600/week working 8 hours total. I can’t guarantee you’ll make as much as I do. Every state has it’s own average salary and other things that may result in more or less income. But this works for me and I hope it works for you.

I’m a professional reseller. I used to sell on EBay strictly. But now I sell on Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, Letgo…etc

Before anyone thinks you need a bunch of money to make money let me shut you down right there. I can start the day with $25 and still end up with $600 by the end.

Most resellers tell you to go to Walmart, Ross, or some other retail giant and go to the clearance section. Others say go to garage sales. But going to garage sales takes too much time. Let’s be honest, if a lot of people are reselling from the clearance section of Walmart (or they can just go to the clearance aisle themselves and buy it there) why buy from you?

So forget about mainstream retail giants. Go to the thrift store! You’re catching on. But there’s another part to it.

Why waste your precious time going there anyway? You risk nothing valuable being there. Even if it is valuable it might not even be profitable. If you think in terms of time investment things really change. But the key part is to always ask yourself how you can do it with barely any effort… Despite the fact being lazy is frowned upon in society.

So, what do you do and how do you do it with minimum effort?

Do your research first. Whatever niche you want to get into and sell.

• Pick your niche(s)

• Go on Ebay, find what item(s) in that niche sell the most.

• Keep a lookout for items with multiple watchers.

• Look for high amount of sales. But high amount of sales for multiple sellers. If there’s only one seller with 1,000 sales and everyone else has 100 do not jump on it.

• Stay away from items that are less than $10 and have small profit margins.

• Minimum competition or lots of competition with a buyer market that allows for all sellers to take part in making money. Either way, is there a supportive buyer market?

What Niche Do I Reccomend?

• Business Books

• Popular books for book lovers, books that have/will be turned into a movie.

• Used IKEA furniture (If you have no plans of selling on EBay and only want to sell locally via Craigslist/Market place)

• Collectibles of any kind.

• Vintage stuff. Especially vintage things that were popular in the past (Even from 2005).

You have an item, now what?

• If you believe this is a popular item. Such as, my personal favorite, business/success books. In fact, so popular and in demand that there might be a few at your local thrift store then see if they have it.

• Time is more important than money. We all say it but don’t practice it. This is where it’s a necessity. Don’t go in to the thrift store, call them and they most likely will have a team member look while putting you on hold. This saves you gas, money, and time.

• If they do not have it, look on FB Market Place, Craigslist,, EBay…etc. A lot of times people want to clear their space or don’t know what they have. So they will sell it for cheaper than average and what you will hopefully sell it for.


Hi Solomon, nice to meet another re-seller. I recently got back into reselling after not doing it for a while.

I really appreciate all the tips you share!

I have never thought about calling a thrift store ahead of time to see if they have a specific item.

Do you do this for specific items or do you ask a more general question like if they have business books?

Would love to hear more about some of your tips and strategies.

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All of you re-sellers are very inspiring!! You make me want to give it a real try.


Hey Mr. Income,

I like your last name. If it’s your real name? Haha. I do sell very specific books. Things I’ve one to find that sell more than others.

I typically call every thrift store in a 15 to 20 mile radius. If you’re lucky some stores will hold for 1 hour to a whole day. I also highly suggest making conversation with some people. Remember their name and make it personal. Create a relationship with the people at the thrift store because they’re basically your employees (I mean they search the store for you). They’re more likely to hold items for you when you do that.

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@soloman Haha I wish my last name was Income LOL

My real name is Jon Moore :)

Your strategy is definitely something I haven’t heard anyone else talking about, but it makes a lot of sense.

Have you tested this in multiple states? I am not sure if the people working at the thrift store would be as helpful here in ND where I live but I think I will give it a try.


@moore.income I have not tried anywhere but Washington and Oregon.

I believe that creating a relationship with the employees there might come really handy there if that’s what you think applies in ND.

Even if that doesn’t work remember there’s always online thrift stores. Goodwill actually has an online thrift store. Some thriftstires may also sell on EBay. It’s become pretty popular. There’s also Facebook marketplace. Basically, just remember you have the entire world in your hands and if you really practice you can do all kinds of things with it to help your resell business.

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KellyFromKeene posted:

All of you re-sellers are very inspiring!! You make me want to give it a real try.

Hey Kelly,

I’m glad it’s inspiring. I highly suggest giving it a try. It can be quite fun and a side effect is making money haha. I didn’t expect for it to be my full time job but it did and it just might shock you and become that for you.

@soloman Great tip. I hadn’t even thought about the online thrift stores.

@kellyfromkeene It is definitely a very rewarding experience and once you learn the ropes, it creates a great income source that you can do no matter where you go.

I started selling online drop shipping products while in Nicaragua, Central America and on a recent trip to Illinois I picked up some discontinued items to resell.

There are so many different ways to find items to resell, it makes it fun and exciting and well worth the effort!



I’m just curious if any of you resellers have ever gone to auctions? I find the TV show about buying deserted storage areas contents interesting. You might be able to find all sorts of things there. Great suggestion! I have personally gone to a few local auctions. Not storage auctions, but auctions where they are selling all sorts of stuff.

You can get a lot of stuff for cheap, but I have found that the stuff you do get cheap is generally not the best items to resell. There is quite a bit of competition at auctions so it is harder to get items at a good price to resell.

I have looked into storage auctions, but from what I have heard, those are pretty competitive as well.

One thing for sure, if you do go to auctions a lot, you are gonna need a lot of space to store stuff as you can end up with a lot!

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