I'm starting to see some price reductions and good sales, first in a long time

I’m noticing the price of beef is coming down some in the grocery stores. A lot of things are still ridiculously high so maybe beef is the hook to get me in the stores. But I’ve also seen a lot of other indications…I love taking online classes and it seems all the venues and instructors are not only adding in “specials”, sales and incentives, but they are also extending the deals at the 11th hour. Seeing a lot of double rewards, especially in the travel areas. Anyone else seeing a slight shift in lowering some prices?

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I’m also noticing the prices of beef coming down, @mintjulep .


I’ve noticed the largest decrease in the price of eggs for which I’m very grateful!!! :moneybag: :slightly_smiling_face:


I am noticing the price of eggs and am grateful as well, @brigat