hello everyone, was wondering, if any one else works for a school dirst.?? i have reached my level of raises .its now up to the board to give us raises, i work par time, i laugh, because McDonald help make 15.00 dollars and i don’t .but i love my job, so i ask this great community on their thoughts thank you this is a great learning community

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I don’t work for any school district, but I am a government employee. What you are dealing with is called a salary cap, (your pay won’t go higher anytime soon) I have been under a salary cap since May 2013, yes it is bad in my opinion. But my agency continues to hire more unskilled people, that I am required to train. These new employees make almost as much as I do. I have asked, my supervisor, manager, and my H.R. manager since June 2015 for a raise and keep getting told, that it is not going to happen, you make too much money, there is nothing I/we can do for you, but this is what is expected of you from us, keep doing your job that you were hired to do.

As for the Mcdonald’s reference, they make money and have large tax write-offs. But they also cut the employee’s hours, along with the other major corporations giving out pay raises. The U.S. Government gives away too much money to foreign countries but hardly helps their own people. An example is the recent $44 billion/aid to Ukraine for the fight/war against Russia, after this war ends, their hand will be stretched out asking for Billions more to rebuild the country and the U.S. Government will hand over the money, claiming it is the humane thing to do. But won’t help the U.S.Tax payer to survive. Afghanistan/Iraq wars come to mind also (Trillions of dollars wasted and lives lost). After Hiroshima, the U.S. Government helped to rebuild Japan, But Japan did not help rebuild Pearl Harbor !

21 years and 4 months of service to my U.S. Government agency and still get no respect, and they (my work) can’t understand why I am retiring soon ?!?

These are just my thoughts, am I right or wrong, who knows.

Go to USdebtclock.org for wasted taxpayer money spent and how bad the U.S.Government is really off.


Big Lew wow everything you post about this is the truth i live in a senior complex and we all say the same thing, the elderly are finding it hard to survive veterans are homeless its a sad thing, i have to agree with you about raises in my job, so i go on being happy with the children and life, god bless and enjoy your retirement


I understand loving your job but you have a decision to make - continue to be paid less than what you believe you are worth or accept a different job outside of your organization that pays more. I don’t advise that lightly - I understand wanting to stay with the same employer and enjoying a job. Changing employers may open doors you don’t know about, yet.

I’ve worked in gov the last 12 years and received one increase. However, I have been promoted - having to go through a formal hiring process each time which included resubmitting my resume and multiple interviews each time. My four promotions are the only reason my salary didn’t stagnate. I now have a decent pension waiting so I have options to stay or go (which includes retirement). If I was looking at more years with no options/no raises, I would absolutely look for a different job with a different organization.

Good luck


thank you all, but i worry about my age being held against me, i am 72 years young, lol i feel that way, but some times they hold your age against you

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