Student loan debt

I’m 58 with back student loans. They are taking $51.00 a month out of my social security. My ex husband got his expunged and had no more debt. He doesn’t know how this came about. What or how can i get relief from my student loans. This is about all i have on my credit, besides medical, that is holing back on my credit. The monthly payments are allot of money for me since i don’t receive much.

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I’m no expert on student loans, although I do still pay on them myself. I know that you can get them “expunged” depending on your disability. Do you know who holds your loans? Go online and look on their website and do a search for disability. Or if you are more comfortable, call them. It cant hurt to ask, and ask again. It may be a frustrating process (dealing with them usually is for me) but a worthwhile process.

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i am on SSDI and had NO IDEA i might be able to expunge my student loans. They are over 20 years old and my payment is $0 but at the same time they are NEVER going to go away at this rate. Thank you for the info…i am going to call my lender and check it out!

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Mine go back to 1996 and federal, I’m almost 80 and disabled with MS, a fib and slow heart bear requiring pacemaker

ive heard they are going to absolve some but not sure. Mine is not that much but the interest is thousands

good luck all

I’m also a federal student loan person and am almost 80. The treasury was taking it out of my social security until the president put a hold on it.

I graduated in 1996 and have several disabilities,

MS, atrial fibrillation and a pacemaker

i hear they’ve going to forgive some by the end of year, gotta figure how to get on that list!