Student Loan

I have had a outstanding student loan since 1986! They are now taking 40.00 from my SS check. Is there anything I can do since the school was bogus to begin with, and closed down a few years after it opened. Thx

The best thing you can do is contact the loan carrier and see what your options are. You most likely would qualify for a income based payment which may be lower (or $0) than what is being taken.

As for the school closing, it makes no difference unless you went during the years of the current Corinthian College situation.

Honestly, you can do online surveys and make more than $40 a month to compensate for what they are taking and more. I make around $100 a month just doing them about 10 hours a week. Good luck to you.

Appeal may take some time and energy but it may pay off. It could be public record in the paper trail about the dealings at the school. Collect dates, names. Ask around at your local law school for a student who may be able to assist you with doing some research. Put it out there on social media and see if there are others in this predicament.