Subscription boxes

Hey, everyone! I am curious to know what subscriptions you have and how you like them, or if you’ve reached subscription overload.

I love the idea of using a subscription to save money and ensure I don’t run out of stuff I use regularly. But I also think they can become a total money black hole. The ads are everywhere! I see them for makeup, wardrobe items, razors, eyeglasses, plants, coffee, tea, beer, wine … it goes on forever.

I personally have only two subscriptions right now, for toilet paper and a special calcium supplement that’s hard to find in stores. Super boring, I know. I’d love to get something more fun if it’s worth the money.
What are your favorite subscription boxes? And what pitfalls have you encountered with the enormous selection out there? Is there anything you’ve subscribed to and then decided it was better to just buy as needed?


I’m not sure if fabletics is considered a subscription but it certainly has some of the characteristics. I ordered a few items from them, wound up returning them for a different size that still didn’t fit, so I cancelled my subscription. One thing I don’t like is that you have to refuse in a certain timeframe if you don’t want something a particular month.


Well, we had the newspaper delivered Wed-Sunday for a “great price”, that was until the Sat paper (with all the adds and coupons) was consistently stolen off our front lawn. After much thought, we cancelled the subscription. There was nothing in the paper worth while.The articles of this paper were pro-liberal, the comics were just not funny or entertaining, the Parade magazine used to be good-that went downhill, the sports were totally biased toward the poorly preforming local teams, and as far as the adds and coupons-they were geared to those who buy lots of brand name products.

If we feel compelled to get a paper, we’ll just walk across the street and get 1 for $1.

The only other subscription is for medications, which does save money.

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I have subscriptions that I monitor so I can skip (if not interested/needed and to save money), or keep (to take advantage of the deal):

Fitness boxes (two brands)

Chocolate from Hawaii; I visited the factory in 2016!

Rice shampoo and conditioner bars

Toothbrush head and battery refill

Toiletries and household items

Dog flea and heart worm meds, supplements, cleaning items, treats

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You had me at chocolate from Hawaii!


I personally love some subscription boxes!

I get a craft box each month from Adults & crafts like it but thinking of changing to a different craft on only because I think the crafts they do are a bit cooler lol I also get razors every other month (they have different lengths of time depending on how often you shave and I love love love those blades - it’s like shaving with silk “billie” is what they are called & did I say I loved them??!!

I fell into a couple of pitfalls over the last few years… firstly with make up & face wash/cream/variety of improvements and you get a lot of things you don’t use for example for me getting palettes of blues or neon eyeshadows or you end up with an abundance of others like mascara & trial size everything. I did try a few different kinds with the same results. Once it’s delivered it can’t be returned- needless to say my daughter has a lot of stuff!

secondly, for clothes… some were very outlandish wouldn’t wear if my life depended on it. Others would send items that were a tad bit expensive ($130 for a t-shirt) and another that sent a lot of tops and not much else… so if you decide to pick one do your homework but the one good thing is you don’t have to pay first & you can return anything you don’t like.

sorry so long but I wanted to help



That’s really good to know about makeup boxes – that you won’t always get stuff in your color palette. I’ve done Stitch Fix a couple times and I liked it, but it always felt like more of a splurge than something I’d pay for every month. As you said, those clothing ones are pricey.
You definitely have me intrigued about a razor box. The disposable ones you get in stores are garbage! ?
Thanks for so many good insights!

thanks for sharing i have never done this, seems like fun

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I’ve never done subscription boxes but did think about one for my dog and the Mint toothbrush, but never took the plunge.

Oh, that’s a good thought. Has anyone here done a subscription box for their pet?

I subscribe to KitNipBox for my beloved cat. She even recognizes the darn box when it arrives. Bit pricey but good high quality items for kitty. She always picks at least one item She loves. Remainder I share with my daughter’s cat. Anything left goes to local shelter.