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Thanks Elon, interesting article! It comes at an appropriate time when spring is in the air and bugs are coming out. We just received a phone call the other day saying the pest control company wants to come out and do a treatment next week. I called them back and cancelled it…they have us in their system as quarterly visits. We only want their treatment when the crickets emerge, which usually August. All other bugs we can manage.

Our initial contact with them was not a door to door experience, we had an indoor infestation and did not know how to handle it, so we reached out to a well established company. They signed us up for a quarterly contract which we kept for a number of years out of the fear of the infestation returning. The price kept going up. Finally we negotiated them down, and then whittled it down to once a year. No problems so far.

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We do our own pest control. I’ve had the opportunity to ask several pest control companies about the products they use as part of my job. I was able to purchase the same product and spray it without issue. We keep the dog indoors until it is dry outside and it has kept the bugs & bees down around the exterior of the house.