Upside app on the cell phone

Has anyone here had trouble with the Upside app?
Recently we have downloaded it to our phones and it has been a constant struggle to get credit for what we have complied with, Either they have no record of transactions or we have to document , document, document that we did a transaction with the app . Very much time consuming and record keeping on our end. Recently had a transaction at a restaurant, submitted the proof and they cannot acknowledge it ever existed. So frustrating. What has your experience with this app been?

I haven’t tried Upside, but the concept sounds nice!

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I also haven’t tried it but it does sound interesting

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I use Upside but I live in a more rural community, so the only available rebates are just at gas stations. I haven’t really had issues. I scan the receipt as soon as possible & haven’t had any be denied. My only complaint is there are total of 4 gas stations in my area & I generally only get 3 cents/gallon back.


Hi mountainfan welcome back i do something like this its called Fetch and i use my receipts for points then you trade them in for all types of gift cards

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I uploaded it on my phone because I read about it on PH, but haven’t tried it yet. Now, I’m wondering if I should bother.