Visible -- major cell service savings, great network

Hey all – I recently switched to Visible and am LOVING it! I cut our family cell bills (2 lines) to $70 a month – was paying over $140 a month with Verizon. They have a reliable network (they operate on the Verizon network) and they offer great customer service. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Do not overpay for cell service.

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I will definitely look into this. I tried Twigby- poor coverage in my area but great price, Consumer Cellular- soso coverage and decent price and I have it for my kids. I have Verizon- so expensive! I will be switching over ASAP, need to finish this contract.


I’ll have to look into that company. Thank you.

@kellyfromkeene I was in the same boat – the minute I finished paying off our phones, I jumped ship. I, too, was concerned about the coverage. If you’re happy with the Verizon network coverage, this is a perfect option for you!

I got the veteran’s rate on T-Mobile, which is unlimited talk and text anywhere in North America, 2 gigs data, and two lines for about $80 a month. It’d be lower, but I’ve had my phone stolen before and am paying off the “new” one, which is now frequently dropping calls.

I’ve been on Mint Mobile for one month so far. Liked the price, the service is excellent, and still on the T-Mobile network.

Been on a family plan for MetroPCS (T-Mobile network). I get unlimited everything on 4 lines for $100 a month.

Any Canadians on here with suggestions for Southern Ontario internet providers? (i.e. GTA / Hamilton/ Brantford)

Any Canadians on here with suggestions???