Ways to make more money

Ways to make more money are as:-

  1. Manufacture accesories by hand made and sell them.

  2. Buy a product cheap and sell by more money.

  3. Write an online book.

  4. Gain money from writing in various places online or real.

  5. Consult on something you understand and gain money.

  6. Teach a language.

  7. Train someone a sport online or real as chess.

  8. Make a site and gain money from advertisement or subscriptions or both as youtube or Facebook or others.

  9. Sell unused stuff that you have and not neccesary to you.

  10. Win a trophy at a sport as chess tennis basketball football and others.

  11. Manufacture small industries by smart ways.

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Some ideas I would add:

-Real Estate


-Peer-to-Peer Lending

-Royalty Income

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While the ideas in general might be more ways to make money, most of them require money to start, a good deal of knowledge, months of planning or an extremely intricate business plan in order to start and maintain.


I would agree on blogging for sure requires time, knowledge, and understanding of running a business etc. on monetization.

I would say on aspects of P2P Lending and Real Estate not so much as its pretty easy to get started with platforms in equity crowdfunding that eliminate many of the time consuming aspects and areas/layers of complexity. Some reading obviously will be insightful to making solid investment decisions. However, it didn’t take me much time on those avenues to learn about the pros and cons and make decisions. Real Estate crowdfunding can start as little as $500 on platforms such as Diverysfund or Fundrise and for P2P Lending as little as $25 to get started so it’s not a huge cost barrier. Blogging is also super cheap to get started outside of getting a domain name and setup on WordPress however, this one I will emphasize takes a significant amount of time compared to the others.


I agree many are good ldeas but they are overwhelming if you’ve not been at them before. Im Interested in making small goods, jewlery per se, but in my experience the general public Is so picky… Its hard to make something perfect which I think theyre looking for…even handmade, so Im apprehensive about Selling handmade on etsy or mercari Any Advice?.

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The best way to earn more is learn more

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